Representation of Individuals

In addition to representing businesses and companies, Hoeppner Wagner & Evans works with individuals in a number of areas, including estate and wealth preservation planning, trust development and elder law.

Estate and Wealth Preservation Planning. Our work in the area of wealth planning includes developing the basic vehicles such as a Will, Living Wills and appropriate Powers of Attorney, as well as structuring more sophisticated wealth management tools such as trusts, limited liability companies and partnership entities. Our attorneys have worked with countless families and individuals to create personalized wealth and asset management plans that meet a variety of objectives, including establishing charitable foundations, supporting specific causes, and dealing with the tax liability associated with family gifts and inheritance. In addition, we have worked with family-owned businesses to develop appropriate and effective succession plans that are developed to transfer the assets of the company to other family members or sell the company to employees or a third party.

Elder Law. Our estate planning attorneys are also involved in providing assistance to family members and individuals seeking counsel related to long-term care insurance policies, mental impairments, Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement and eligibility, guardianships, as well as asset transfer planning.

Probate. Our estate planning attorneys also handle probate issues from opening estates in probate court through the ultimate distribution to beneficiaries.

Adoption and Guardianship. Our firm has also represented individuals who wanted to adopt children from foreign countries, particularly China. To date, we have performed five adoptions through U.S. and Chinese authorities. We have also been involved in developing plans to address guardianship issues, as well as representing family members involved in guardianship matters.

Tax Issues. Our estate planning attorneys assist in the preparation of state and federal inheritance and gift tax returns.

Disputes. From time to time our lawyers have been retained on a personal level to resolve disputes, which has included our representation of individuals in personal injury matters. On occasion we have also been retained to handle more serious issues involving misdemeanors and felonies.