Labor and Employment Practice

Hoeppner Wagner & Evans' representation of employers in a variety of manufacturing and service industries has necessitated our counsel on labor and employment law issues. Over the past 30 years, our lawyers have adapted to the changes in industry, from a more traditional labor practice to a practice that encompasses counsel for the modern employment issues of the day: Americans With Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, ERISA, harassment matters and the like. Our work in this area has included:

Labor Issues. Several of our manufacturing and service industry clients have had to deal with labor issues, particularly union organizing campaigns. Examples include:

Wild Cat Strikes. We have counseled a national steel company that has been involved in approximately 20 union organizing efforts over the past 30 years. To date, "wild cat" strike initiatives have been successfully thwarted.

Unionizing Campaign. Our work on behalf of an Indiana university has included counsel on various union organizing issues relating to teachers, mechanics and other support or trade personnel. We have also counseled steel industry companies on how to appropriately address and handle union organizing initiatives.

Contract Negotiations. Our attorneys have participated in numerous labor contract negotiations, both at the bargaining table and "behind the scenes."

Arbitrations. Hoeppner Wagner & Evans attorneys have handled numerous arbitrations for clients subject to collective bargaining agreements.

Employment Issues. As the promulgation of new and revised employment laws continues to have a profound impact on U.S. workforces, Hoeppner Wagner & Evans maintains an experienced and talented group of lawyers whose mission is to help our clients address such legal requirements. Examples of our work in this area include:

Discrimination. Our lawyers have handled countless claims involving race, gender and age discrimination for a number of corporate entities, including three national steel companies, a franchised restaurant chain, financial institutions, and a number of insurers.

Harassment. In addition to discrimination issues, our attorneys have worked with a number of our clients to resolve harassment-related disputes.

OSHA and Workplace Safety. The firm represents employers in connection with search warrants, inspections and safety citations issued by the Indiana Department of Labor (IOSHA) as well as by the United States Department of Labor (OSHA) and also advises on all aspects of workplace safety including the rights of an employer when a compliance officer comes to call. As an example, Hoeppner Wagner & Evans represents an electrical contractor and its subsidiary companies on a nationwide basis with respect to plant safety and injury matters, particularly matters involving catastrophic injuries of employees on the job site.

Supervisor Counseling. The firm has worked with a national steel company to develop and present annual employment training for its supervisors. The training, which is done on site at the company, addresses issues related to appropriate hiring and firing practices, as well as handling employee disputes and harassment complaints. We have created and implemented similar programs for a number of other clients.

Day-to-Day Advice. Our firm regularly counsels clients on day-to-day, non-litigation employment issues. We are on-call for business owners and human resource specialists to address hiring and firing, ADA, FMLA, and wage and hour matters.